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Coolest Creepy Doll DIY Costume

I did the makeup of this Creepy Doll costume following a YouTube tutorial and added fake eyelashes.

The dress was a kids dress. I cut away the sleeves and re-attached to a black short sleeve shirt, then cut away the shirt part of the dress leaving the bib area and pinning the bag into a bib part so it would just slip over my head. The bottom half I added a black tutu under it for volume .

I used nude panty hose and red paint on my hands to make bloody hand prints on my legs. I got a doll, glued black hair to it and used the scraps to make a look alike dress and added the mouth part with marker.

I also took the voice box from an old doll and sewed it on the inside of the front dress so that when you pushed it, it would make mama and crying sounds.

Coolest Creepy Doll Costume

Coolest Creepy Doll Costume

Coolest Creepy Doll Costume - makeup with added lashes

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