Simple Poison Ivy Costume

This Poison Ivy Costume was very simple. I needed to make a quick costume because my original costume plan fell through. Searches everywhere for a green dress and chose this one because of the drapey sides which I thought were kind of like capes. I then bought a red belt and used a leather punch to make an extra hole in it so that it would fit around my rib cage. I wore black heels.

I bought a few fake Ivy garlands from a craft store and used a TON of glitter spray paint on the leaves to make them sparkly. I did the same to a sprig of ivy which I used in my hair. I took one of the garlands of ivy and stitched winding around my leg to a pair of fishnet tights. I used the other garland as a boa.

For my hair, I curled it and gathered it into a low side pony tail. I tied the pony tail with black and red lace and at the base of the pony tail put a large sprig of ivy which was bobby pinned to the back of my head and up around the other side (unfortunately you cannot see this in the picture). To finish the look I wore thick dark green eyeliner and dark green eye shadow along with bright red lipstick.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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