Coolest Plant Stand Costume

I started this plant stand costumewith a presentation board, and cut a hole in it big enough to pull up over my hips, leaving tabs on the inside of the hole through which to thread yarn. The yarn was used as suspenders. I cut a hole in an old table cloth and slipped it over the board, hot gluing it to keep it in place.

I also used hot glue to attach an empty soda can, magazine, and bag of chips to the table. I then took a large flower pot, cut the bottom out, and put it over my head. The pot rested on the table, unattached. I bought some artificial flowers and put them in the pot, painted my face green and went on my way.

(Underneath I wore a dark green turtle neck, black sweat pants and black shoes.)*Note: I had a hard time passing out candy, because my arms were confined, you may want to cut holes in the side of the pot.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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