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Coolest Pirate and Rock Star Lego Minifigures Costumes

When I asked my boys what they wanted to be for Halloween, they didn’t miss a beat and answered in unison, “Lego Minifigures”.  Hmm, to the Internet we went and store after store, no luck. I guess this will be the first year I need to be  Super Mom and find a way to make these costumes.

I started with an internet search to see what other people had come up with and at first it looked pretty easy. I needed some Styrofoam, poster board, spray paint and construction paper. I could do that. Well, it turned out to take a bit longer than I thought, but as I kept progressing, my boys kept getting more and more excited. They tried on the pieces along the way and would run around the house with a stray hand or cardboard leg in tow.

It took about two fully committed weekends to complete, but the smiles on their faces were well worth the time. I think I may have stumbled upon a new tradition. I remember fondly all the costumes my Mom made for me and perhaps my children will remember these. Their friends certainly do and I have several requests from them for next year!


I started by finding a picture online of the Minifigure each boy wanted to be. One of my sons wanted to be a pirate and the other a rock star.

I bought a bunch of cardboard boxes from Home Depot and cut out the bodies and legs. I took some measurements from the Minifigures to try and keep my costumes proportionate. After cutting the pieces, I used my glue gun to lock the pieces into place.

Next, I spray painted a base layer of Mod Podge and they spray painted the base color of the legs and bodies.

I had purchased some elastic from the fabric store and I cut pieces to length and hot glued them to each of the legs so they’d go over the boys, kind of like suspenders to keep them up.

On the bodies I drew and cut out the designs with construction paper and glued them into place. Once dry, I applied a layer of Mod Podge over the top.

Onto the heads. I bought Styrofoam sheets from Home Depot and cut out circle forms that would fit over my sons’ heads. I put a few layers together to make the top and bottom and supported the middle with a few Styrofoam sticks stuck into place with toothpicks. From here, I tragically used spray paint to paint them yellow and quickly learned spray paint eats Styrofoam.

I then took poster board and cut out the mouth after measuring to make sure the mouth lines up with my sons eyes. Then I hot glued that to my Styrofoam foam. To make up for the Styrofoam that was eaten, I bough foam board to hot glue on to the top of the head.

Next step for the heads was to cut out the head from card stock and glue them into place. I used construction paper to make the beard and eye patch and then Mod Podged over, once the glue was dried.

Then I purchased a large piece of foam from Home Depot and used my electric carving knife to cut out the hands and the hair for the rocker. Then I spray painted all of these and hot glued the hair onto the head.

Next, I used poster board to make the hat. After the hat was ready, I used PlastiDrip to coat it to give it a plastic look. Then I used Mod Podge and spray paint to finalize it. I used a cardboard base to fit over the head and attached that to my hat.

Last step was to cut out the skull and cross bones and glue and Mod Podge them into place.

Coolest Pirate and Rock Star Lego Minifigures Costumes

Coolest Pirate and Rock Star Lego Minifigures Costumes

Coolest Pirate and Rock Star Lego Minifigures Costumes

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