Coolest Pippi Longstockings Costume

To pull of this Homemade Pippi Longstockings Costume just requires a few simple things.

1) A plaid or stripped long sleeve.

My daughter used a flannel she already had.
Flannels are inexpensive and are common and sold in many places. They are warm and fit perfectly for cold weather.

2) A jean or denim article.

My daughter used a pair of old jeans she already had. You can use a skirt or a overall dress or jeans as well.

3) Boots or a high top shoe.

My daughter used some old brown boots she already had. You can use any color boots.

4) Red hair, in braids.

My daughter has artificially dyed red hair, you can use a wig, or even spray hair color that washes off in the shower. The can is inexpensive and less than $5.

Tip: If you can’t get your hair to stick out then you can braid it and use colorful hair ties and make pony tails. The hair ties can be found anywhere, they are also inexpensive.


-Long socks, my daughter had some red fluffy ones that can’t really be seen because of the jeans, but long socks can be purchased anywhere, even at the dollar store.

-A satchel or a bag. My daughter took her satchel since she felt it fit the “Pippi adventure girl” look. You can use which ever bag you own. As long as you got a place to store your trick or treat candy.


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