Pretty Pippi Longstocking Costume

We did this Homemade Pippi Longstocking Costume for “Favorite Book Character” Day at school and it turned out really cute so I thought we would share. We used a dress we already had. There was no purchase necessary. I cut fabric from old clothes we did not want anymore and made the patches to sew on the dress. The tights are from Gap, we already had those too. The freckles are done with brown eyeliner.

For the hair, we used copper wire, that could be bent on the ends in a circular position so it was not uncomfortable, and scratching her scalp. I then bent the wire around the ponytail holder at the base of her head and braided the hair around the wire. We found that to be easier than braiding the hair and trying to add the wire afterwards. It was a very easy costume to put together, and everything you need are common items you probably already have at home.

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