Cute Pippi Longstocking Costume

My daughter chose Pippi Longstocking as the character she wanted to be for WORLD BOOK DAY, today, 03/03/2011.

I started this Pippi Longstocking Costume by sewing old bits of fabric as patches on an old hand-me-down dress. I also stitched the monkey on the shoulder so he wouldn’t keep falling off as she had to wear the outfit all day at school. We used a long old stripey sock which my daughter wore on one leg over her stripey tights.

For her hair, I followed one of the previous suggestions on this site using an old hanger which I cut and moulded to go on her head. I bent the two sides out just above the ear area and tied her hair in pigtails on to the wire. I then plaited the hair and tied again. Just to be extra sure, I used 2 hair clips to keep the wire in place. With a bit of brown eyeliner, we completed the look with sprinkling of freckles on the cheeks and nose (no cost incurred as everything used was old and already in the house).

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  1. Fabulous ! and What an adorable little girl Ten out of te for the creativity and effort that went into it.

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