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Coolest Pipi Longstocking Costume Ever

First off I went to a fabric store where I got blue,red and yellow fabric and some wooden buttons. My mother in law made a jumper using the blue fabric and made red and yellow patches in square,rectangle and round shapes. Made the straps detachable using the wooden buttons. I got some red and black striped tights and some chunky boots.

On her face I applied pink blush and using brown eyeliner made little circles to look like freckles over the blush.

Now comes the tricky part,the hair. I parted her hair down the middle. Leave some hair on either side in the front and put the rest of the hair in two  tails. Take the wire and place it on top the head. Pull the hair in front over the wire and using two more pony tail holders make into one pony tail on either side. Start to braid the hair over the wire. Using bobby pins i pinned the wire to her head.Leave the wire long enough to make sure you have enough. Cut any access wire off using cutters. Apply orange hair spray over the wire and tie red bows at the ends of each braid.

If you have a monkey attach it to your shirt using safety pins so that Mr. Nelson is sitting on your shoulder. Your look should now be complete.

My daughters school had a character parade this morning and this is what my daughter wanted to dress up as. The kids loved her costume as well as many parents that were there. She got alot of compliments that made her feel good. A few parents couldn’t figure out how we got her hair to stick out. I left them to wonder. I think from here on out her costumes will all be homemade.

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