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Coolest Pillsbury Doughboy Costume

It started with a white painter’s coverall provided by a friend – also available at hardware stores for about $5. I always like to have an item for the genesis of a costume. Our family brainstormed what it could be for our 10 year old son’s costume. White rabbit? Astronaut? Snowman? Our son finally settled on the Pillsbury Doughboy Costume!

A very easy, no-sew costume. We picked up inexpensive white gloves ($2) and a chef’s hat ($5). After downloading a Pillsbury logo, it was spray mounted to the hat. The kerchief was made from remnant fabric. Two pillows were attached around his torso with belts. Added a rolling pin from the kitchen drawer and it was done!

A cookie sheet would be another cute accessory but we decided against it in favor of the trick or treat sack (white of course!).

He was a hit. His principal happened to be a chef and we took many cute pictures of them together!

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Pillsbury Doughboy Costume”

  1. Pattern available for Pillsbury Doughboy? I am giving my daughter a 50th Birthday Bash and would love to have this Costume. She is an avid Pillsbury Doughboy Collector. THANKS!

  2. this is the coolest costume ive seen my idea is to be the Pillsbury doughboy and so i searched to find ideas how to make it and came to hear. what else did you use to stuff the arms and legs to make the whole costume bigger


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