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Coolest Homemade Pillsbury Doughboy Halloween Costume

This is my Homemade Pillsbury Doughboy Halloween Costume. I always try to do creative fun costumes and everyone seemed to like it. It wasn’t too hard to make and was really soft and comfortable to wear at Halloween parties.

To make it I bought a chef’s hat for $13 and cut out a picture of the Pillsbury logo and stapled it right on the hat. Next I made the mask just with poster board cut out two eyes and drew two big blue eyes as well as a mask and stapled that right to the bottom of my hat. Next I bought a extra large white sweatshirt and stuffed it with two pillows and wore white sweatpants(wear layers of pants to look extra puffy)white oven mitts and shoes. Finally I held a rolling pin with a picture of him.

Hope you enjoy, only costed about $17.

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