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Coolest Pillsbury Doughboy Baby Costume

Remembering how my mom created such cool homemade costumes, I felt as though I couldn’t let her down and had my own child now, so I had to start getting creative!

My son was a chunky 1 year old and I was trying to think of things that were chubby for Halloween– in my mind popped The Pillsbury Dough Boy!!!!

My mom bought the chef hat on eBay, we put a partially blown up balloon in the top to make the hat stand up and not droop so much, that was a last minute idea!

I bought a white sweatshirt material jumpsuit, I just Googgled “white one piece suit” and web sites starting popping up.

Then my mom bought white thermal pajamas, since I was going to NY, we knew it would be a tad bit cold, also it helped plump him up a little more.

The added easy accessories: a white handkerchief for around the neck, white toddler gloves bought for $1 at Walmart and white socks, I bought $1 pair of oversized socks so that I could put the socks OVER his sneakers, so he had no problem walking.

The emblem on the hat, was cut out from an actual Pillsbury flour box and hot glued on!

For added details my mother decided to also buy a bag of flour, emptied it out, cut cardboard and glued to the inside of the bag to make it sturdy and durable, strung it with a sturdy handle and that was his trick or treat bag (yes it was small, and doesn’t fit that much candy, but I just brought along an extra plastic bag to keep dumping his candy into when it was too full. One other added touch was he carried along a few wooden utensils!

Everyone loved this Pillsbury Doughboy Baby Costume and he got 1st place for the Fire Hall Costume contest in his age division!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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