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Coolest Pillsbury Doughboy Halloween Costume

I found this Pillsbury Doughboy Halloween costume idea from this site and I had to do it! The hat was so easy! The bottom is construction paper that I stapled to the correct size and then cut in half. I lined the inside with felt to make it soft and cover the staples.

He hated the feel of the paper so I covered it with cotton fabric and glued it. The top is white tissue paper that I glued to the inside of the hat and fluffed to the shape I wanted. I used double sided tape to stick the paper together so it held it’s shape. I cut the circle from blue felt and used white scrapbooking letter stickers for the word Pillsbury.

He wore a white long sleeved onesie and white tights. A handkerchief made from a scrap of cotton fabric and a wooden spoon and he was good to go!

I spent $6 and it took 20 minutes. He was a big hit, everyone loved it and people were taking pictures of him to show their friends! Thanks for the great idea!

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  1. Omg I love it!! and this is what I will be making for my son he is 8months and I can’t Waite the part that really caught my eye was the price! I dont know where to get white cardboard tho. So Im going to have to do a little thinking thanks for the great idea


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