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Coolest Pamela Anderson Costume

I spent ages on thinking of a costume for my friends fancy dress party. I wanted something unique that know one else would have. I looked around the costume shop, but i really didn’t want a bought costume. I saw few bits like the blow up boobs and I thought that I could make a Pamela Anderson costume.

This costume was too easy to make. I had all the clothes already, all I needed to buy was the blow up bra and I had a blond wig.

For this Pamela Anderson costume you need a red swimsuit and white shorts, but if you’re wild, you might not want to wear the shorts. You need FAKE boobs, blond hair or wig, heels,or sandals, I also had sunglasses.

You can dig out all these clothes around your home, so its great for a budget costume.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask where you could get the fake boobs from?
    I’m going as Pamela Anderson to a dress-up party as well but I cant seem to find fake boobs anywhere.


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