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Coolest Homemade Chiquita Banana Girl Costume

I LOVE Halloween. Each and every year I try to outdo last year’s costume. I often go for hilarious, random characters and love group costumes, as well. Last year, I created and wore my favorite Halloween costume of all time: the Homemade Chiquita Banana Girl Costume. I literally got stopped on the street asking me where I got my costume. I loved responding with, “I made it!” Part of the fun of Halloween is using your creativity and putting everything together for the final product.

I was sitting in the lobby of Rainforest Café waiting to be seated for my niece’s birthday party. I looked up and saw all the jungle animals and leaves and trees. Then, I saw a tree with giant fake fruit pieces. It clicked that I wanted to use the fruit for my costume and do something cool. I envisioned a fruit lady. The lady from the Chiquita banana label!

I went to the fabric store and picked out a bright colored, floral and fruit patterned fabric. Then I bought a bunch of fake fruit and flowers and feathers…. And LOTS of super glue!

I took a head band and super-glued a plastic bowl on top. Then I glued the fake fruits, flowers and feathers onto the bowl and made it look pretty. I put the head band with the bowl attached on my head. Then I took the fabric and I wrapped it similar to how you would start to wrap your hair after you shower. However, instead of throwing it over the top of my head, I twisted it around the bowl and safety pinned it securely.

The headpiece is clearly the best part, but there’s more! I threw on a yellow shirt that had puffy sleeves and wrapped a beach wrap around my legs as a skirt. Then, I found tall, shiny, red patent-leather heels that buckled. I gathered all the Bengals and big beaded jewelry I had had and wore them- all the necklaces, bracelets,

I wore fake eye lashes, big gold hoop earrings and even drew a fake mole on the skin above my upper lip. And I wore bright red lipstick.

Overall, it was a really fun costume to wear and I hope I can out-do it in the future!

Below I listed all materials needed:

Long, wide piece of colorful, bright fabric (a little bigger than a beach towel)
Plastic bowl
Plastic headband
Super glue
Fake fruit
Fake flowers
Safety pins
Colorful Beach wrap
Shirt with puffy sleeves
Chunky Bengal bracelets
Big beaded necklaces
Red heels

It takes roughly 2 hours to put together the whole thing.

 Chiquita Banana Girl Costume

 Chiquita Banana Girl Costume

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