Coolest Obama Osama Costume

I wanted to do something NO ONE else would have.
In hindsight, no one in the entire world probably came up with this idea of a Homemade Obama Osama Costume…. lol

So I came up with the idea to have President Obama carrying a wooden box I made marked “Property of Seal Team Six” and inside it was Osama Bin Laden with a USA Rocket through his turban, a bullet hole between his eyes and covered in blood, giving the crowd the finger LOL.

The crowds went WILD….I must have taken 500 pictures with total strangers! It was A LOT of fun. I made the body with Styrofoam swimming noodles, the head from Styrofoam wig heads, the hands were gloves and boots, an old camouflage jacket and satin sheet/robe. I spray painted a wooden apple box from the local grocery store with a camouflage theme.

I took home the 1st Place Prize at Molly’s In Soulard, St Louis, Missouri against some stiff competition, nearly 100 entries.


Homemade Obama Osama Costume

Homemade Obama Osama Costume

Homemade Obama Osama Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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