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Coolest Mr. Potato Head Family Costume

We always have a family theme to the costumes, and this year was Mr. Potato Head Family Costume. I spent a lot of time getting tips from this site, so here is the result!

The potato bodies are big burlap bags from an online gardening store. The burlap was itchy, so we sewed a white turtleneck to the neck and arms, and for my daughter and husband I sewed some extra fabric to the bottom of the turtleneck for length. I then sewed the bottom of the burlap to the bottom of the shirt (or extension)to be able to put stuffing in between. The kids’ hats and all feet were purchased at a Halloween store, and my husband’s hat was a foam board covered bowl (he’s a huge Red Sox fan).

The face parts are felt sewed into cardboard so that the pieces stay flat against the body and the stuffing puffs out in the right direction. (Sewing all of the felt around the edges of the cardboard was the hardest part, I am sure there is a better way!). The details of the teeth and lips were just loose stitching into the cardboard backing before stuffing.

The initial goal was to be able to swap pieces on the fly, but we decided against that and tied them on with yarn (they could be worn in a different combination in another year). Black eyeballs and Mrs’ eyeshadow were applied with iron on adhesive.

The kids and I decided that the key to the costume looking good is to have the face parts be big enough, and a good mix of colors. We made the glasses and mustache out of foam board, and yes, they have no ears, it wouldn’t have spaced out right with where their shoulders are, so we skipped it. After lots of planning, total time to make the three costumes was about four solid days. Good luck making yours!

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  1. these are great! my friend is being mrs.potato head and we didnt want to spend 50 dollars on a costume when we could make our own! Very helpful thank you so much! :)


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