This costume was inspired by the moogle from the final fantasy xiii video game.  My daughter loved saying “kupo” just like the character.  So when she asked to be a moogle, I started searching the internet.  I found plenty of moogles that were infants wearing one piece suits, but she wanted to wear a dress or skirt.  So off I went, in search of a plain white shirt and skirt, some white shoes for her feet.  I found a pair of white kitten ears on a headband, then used pipecleaners to make a styrofoam ball, which i painted pink, stand up on top.  I painted a second styrofoam ball glittery for her tail.  Next was the purple bat wings and pink nose.  Those were alot harder to find.  The final part I added was a pair of those fuzzy white leg warmers around her ankles.  I put on a little bit of makeup, bought her a pretty “magic” wand like the moogle had, and voila.  We headed out on our trick or treating, and everyone kept asking what she was.  No one knew what a moogle was, and my poor baby was getting awful discouraged.  Then it happened.  We came up to a woman handing out candy, and she exclaimed so excitedly how she absolutely loved my daughters costume and how she was the cutest moogle ever.  My little girls eyes lit up.  It truly made her day.  Im not artsy by any means.  I made 2 other costumes, Link from the Legend of Zelda, and Dry Bones.  My Link costume involved alot of sewing, for the tunic and hat, and constructing a elf hat.  Dry Bones was even more challenging as I had to make a bone covered black suit, a dry bones face of foam, and then the shell, which I constructed out of foam, stuffing, and paint.  The end result was 3 very, very happy children.  Even if I dont win this contest, Im already a winner for making them their dream costumes.