Coolest Link Costume

This Homemade Link Costume was made for my son for Halloween 2008. Link is by far his favorite character, and it suited him perfectly. Since this was made so long ago, I will just give you a quick run down of how I did this.

The entire costume (vest, pants, shirt and shoe covers were made from stretch knit). I had to use some creative sewing to get all the pattern pieces that was needed to do this.

The vest was from a native American costume. The tights were used from an outer space costume. The shoe covers were made from a pattern of a “Batman” costume he had worn the year before, and the long sleeve shirt was just a basic v-neck shirt pattern.
I drew up what the shield and sword should look like and my husband cut them out for me.
We then painted them to be close to the design in the game.

The “Spoils Bag” was made entirely of felt. But since this is where the candy will go, I would recommend you use something to support the strap, as it was pretty stretched by the end of the night.

Link’s belt was made from headliner material covered in stretch knit. The medallion was a piece of circle cardboard and I took hot glue and made the swirl. The belt Velcros to fit perfectly.
The ears were made from headliner material as well and painted to be flesh like. We attached them to a girls headband painted yellow (his hair should have been yellow, but there was no yellow paint to be found, as we waited too long).

The hat was made from knit again, and was patterned from a wizard hat just cut down to be more Link size.

Okay, I think that is it. I hope I was able to address everything. Enjoy!

Homemade Link Costume

Homemade Link Costume

Homemade Link Costume

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