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Sexy Link-Costume from The Legend of Zelda

I’ve always enjoyed the Legend of Zelda and it’s hero Link. He also happens to be one of my favorite characters to play in super smash brothers n64, so why not be him for Halloween? Plus, all of my video games had recently been stolen, so it was sort of my way of paying my homage to the lost and fallen cartridges and consoles I would never see again. Needles to say, I was excited to get started on making my costume right away. :)

The very first thing I made for this costume was Link’s Hylian shield. I used two poster boards for the base, card stock paper for the emblem cut-outs, round metal magnets that I glued on for aesthetics, red, yellow, blue and silver acrylic paints, and silver ribbon to hide any rough edges. I started by cutting out the shape of the shield and wetting one side to warp it into that classic shield shape and then painted it blue. I then used the second poster board that I bought to make the silver part of the shield. Once that was cut, I painted it silver. Once my board was dry, I hot glued the silver piece down. I then drew out the Triforce symbol and eagle and painted them the appropriate colors. All that was left was to glue everything down. I added an elastic strap to the back so I could easily hold it to defend myself from any evil forces that might try to attack.

For my tunic, I went to a fabric store and purchased some lovely green velvet. I cut and sewed and voila, I had a great looking dress and hat to match! I used a pattern I already had on hand for a normal dress and altered it to make it look like how I wanted. For the hat, I just eyed it and it turned out pretty good I think. I had already owned my boots and brown socks along with the brown belt. The leather strap going across my shoulder to my back was from a messenger bag. I made a sheath for my sword that I attached to this strap. I planned to make a replica of the master sword but sadly ran out of time. I think that was for the best though because my sword got stolen off my back within five minutes of walking around outside (I purchased the sword from a local craft store). To create the illusion of elf ears, I shaped pieces of tape around my ears to create a point and covered them with make up and set them with a powder. I don’t have blonde hair, so I decided to go for a more “Lord of the Rings” elf hair look. I think overall it turned out wonderful, I was very happy with my look.

My costume was a big hit among the crowds of people I walked past. Lots of people asked  me to stop and take photos with them. One of my friends sent a photo of me in my costume to his brother and his response was “why haven’t you married her yet?”. There were lots of shouts from people saying Woah! it’s Link! I even had a sword fight with a knight before my sword got stolen. My shield was what mostly caught peoples eyes, it was the dead give away of my character and people were astonished when I told them I made it myself. I might’ve attempted to show off my up B move a couple of times too (for all my super smash lovers out there). This costume was a lot of fun to make and wear, I’ll definitely bring it out again next year, or maybe even just for fun. When I got back to the house, my boyfriend surprised me with the gold collectors edition of the Ocarina of Time. Ecstatic, I spent the rest of the night playing Link in my Link costume, it was awesome.

Sexy Link-Costume from The Legend of Zelda

Sexy Link-Costume from The Legend of Zelda

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