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Coolest Homemade Baby Link Halloween Costume Idea

I have been playing the Zelda games since I was a kid, so when my little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy was born, I knew exactly what he would be for Halloween!

For the underclothes, I used an Osh Kosh B’Gosh white turtleneck onesie over white baby tights from Target.

For the tunic and hat, I bought 1 yard of green suede-like fabric from Hobby Lobby. I cut 2 rectangles out of it (the smaller sides should be a few inches wider than the shoulders and the longer sides should reach from the shoulders to just below the knees) and cut a “V” in one and a “U” in the other on the small side. I then sewed those 2 ends together to make a 1-piece tunic with a neck hole (with the “V” in the front and the “U” in the back). I made seams in the neck-hole and down the sides to prevent fraying and then sewed the 2 panels together on the sides, leaving generous room for the arms and a little “V” slit at the bottom.

For the hat, I measured the baby’s head and on another piece of fabric, I drew a triangle, the bottom side of which was a few inches bigger than the baby’s head and the other 2 sides of which are about 5 inches longer than that and of equal length. I cut the triangle out and sewed the 2 longer sides together, leaving a few inches at the bottom, where I applied stick-on velcro on each side to make it adjustable after turning it inside-out (or right-side in actually).

For the greaves and boots, I bought a brown leather-like fabric, also from Hobby Lobby. For the boots, I used a little pair of brown boots that he already had and then measured around the upper calf and ankle and then from ankle to knee. I drew a line about 2 inches longer than the ankle measurement. If x is the measurement from ankle to knee, draw a parallel line 2 inches longer than the calf measurement x inches above the first, so that you have one long line x inches above the shorter line, making sure the shorter line is centered. Draw lines connecting the ends of the 2 lines so that you have a sort of long trapezoid shape and cut it out.

To form a cuff, I folded the calf-measurement end down and inch and then again over itself and glued it down with a glue gun. I attached sticky velcro to both sides on the top and bottom and down along the center and then wrapped the ankle-length portion around the top of the boot and then velcroed the top part under the knee and down the center to make the boots look like they were knee-length leather boots.

I used the same basic technique to cut out the greaves, measuring around the wrist and under the elbow and from the wrist to just below the elbow for length. Instead of cutting the small end in a straight line like with the boots, I extended the end to a point that will cover the back of the hand once the greaves are in place. I made a cuff exactly like with the boots and sewed the sides together all the way down the middle. I cut a small hole in the end of the point so that when the greaves are put on, the middle finger can go through it, keeping the greaves in place.

Using Google images, I found the Hylian Shield and Master Sword. I cut the shield out of cardboard, painting it blue with poster paints and then cut the border and embellishments separately, painting them and then gluing them onto the blue portion of the shield.

Using balsa wood, I drew the Master Sword with hilt twice and cut them both out with an exacto knife and then glued the 2 pieces together. I drew only the hilt twice and cut those out, gluing one on each side of the sword so that the hilt part would be thicker than the whole sword itself. I then painted the sword with poster paints and used quick-drying spray lacquer to shine both sword and shield.

The whole project took approximately 10 hours or so, but it was very easy… it would have to be, because the only thing I’ve ever sewn before this has been a button :)

Homemade Baby Link Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Baby Link Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Baby Link Halloween Costume Idea

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