Of course my son doesn’t want to be anything easy… lol, but I love to sew and this is my one chance to shine. I went to cut octagons for his Dry Bones costume, he (7yrs old) says “no…turtles have hexagon shells not octagons”, silly me. Material was left over from last year’s Angry Bird,  so far it’s free!

I cut out pieces from that shipping foam nobody knows what to do with. That was a fun mess. The mask is paper mached balloons, then coated in spackle. This took the most time due to drying. I did a couple of layers of paper, top and bottom had to be done different days. Spackle had to dry. Paint dried pretty fast.

The shoes are slip covers I made to fit over his real shoes. He already owned bone pj’s. They worked out perfectly for under the costume. And he drew the lines himself on the gloves. What a great helper.