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Coolest Modern Statue of Liberety Costume

After I was invited to a 4th of July party I immediately thought of wonderful costume designs, this Modern Statue of Liberety Costume I enjoyed the most. I was able to spend less than 25$ on the outfit as a whole and am proud of the fact that all or my materials are from Wal-mart and I was able to find all of the things I needed in one trip!

I made a run to the fabrics section and got 3-4 yards of green fabric, this cost me 5$.This fabric is what I made the dress out of by simply tying it like a toga around me. The green sandals cost 10$. I then found about 2 yards of green ribbon for 3$ and tied them to my sandals for a decorative look.

Last I found green foam, a foam hat and green felt which I would later use to make my crown and felted over torch. All of that cost me 5$. I made the torch out of cardboard and then covered it with green felt. The flames are taped pieces of yellow plastic bags. I wanted to let the torch glow so I inserted a small flashlight into the top of the torch.

It was a hit at the party!

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