Coolest Mary Poppins Costume

This year my husband coaxed me into being something more attractive than my past costume choices. I kept nixing all his suggestions until he said “Mary Poppins”. I knew I had something in my Halloween box to use as the black overcoat – the main part of this costume, and could figure out the rest.

So I started this Mary Poppins costume by getting a picture of the original Julie Andrews character on the internet. I printed it to work from.

The coat is actually a priest’s robe from an old costume. The fit and length were perfect. I just had to pin the corners back so it would show the skirt.

The skirt I bought at the second hand store for $2.98. It was the wrong color blue (a very bright, light blue), but I picked up a box of Rit dye in navy and hoped it would darken it just enough. And, it did!

At the same 2nd hand store I found a green derby style hat, again only $2.98! It was a wicker type and so I was able to just push down the rounded top to make it flat. Then I spray painted it all black. At the craft store I got a daisy bunch for $1.99, and a berry candle ring for $3.99. I just hot-glued the separated flowers and berries in place.

I can sew and have lots of fabric on hand, so I made the carpet bag and the lace “shirt” (which is really only a ‘dickey’ made with some scrap white fabric and some lace I had). Some red ribbon finalized the top.

My final purchases were the umbrella ($4.00) and the scarf($6.00) which both came from Big Lots!

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20 thoughts on “Coolest Mary Poppins Costume”

  1. I think this is such a great costume. The idea is very creative and she achieved her goal inexpensively, yet totally perfectly, she would be the real Mary Poppins! I love it!

  2. Wow, what an awesome job you did. It looks so much better than a store bought and very very real! You are the real thing. I love it!

  3. Mary,
    You truly are my inspiration!! I’m going to have a permanent scar on my hand from hot glue, but my “Savers” hat looks authentic and my teaspoon of sugar looks good enough to eat!
    Love you!!

  4. Great costume and ever so clever the use of
    thrift shops for her supplies. The coat has a
    conscientiously effect with the use of a vestment called a cassok for exactness and religious over
    tones of Mary Poppins.

  5. Mary T.,

    You certainly are a very resourceful, creative and pretty Mary Poppins. The carpet bad is amazing and could probably be sold in Ebay!

    It is refreshing to see such a clever costume made by hand for less than $20.00. Practically perfect in every way!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I am singing “Supercalifragilistiexpealidocious” for a local musical revue, and I was looking for some inexpensive, cool costume ideas. Your costume is practically perfect in every way! :)

  7. need help making Mary Poppins costumes for 7 girls and 9 boys. Have any idea’s? It’s for our graduation in June.

  8. I just wanted you to know that your picture is still inspiring “Mary” costumes. We go to Disney World every year for the Halloween party. Thanks to you, my costume is fabulous!!!

    Anita Anderson


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