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Coolest Madonna from the 80’s Homemade Halloween Costume

I just went to the mall, bought different pieces of clothing and jewelry from Forever21, and some stuff I already had. I put it together, and taaadaaa, you’ve got an 80’s Madonna. The funnest part was getting all dressed up, and doing my hair and makeup like her. Then of course going to a Halloween party, and no one else having the same idea as you.

The hardest part what actually finding the time between work and school to shop for the pieces, and making sure you have everything that is needed. Every Halloween I like to try and come up with a costume that I can put together myself, that’s the other fun part about this whole thing. Reactions were that I was perfect for this costume cus I had the light skin, and light hair like her already, so I didn’t have to wear a wig. Another fun part was that I got to be someone whom I liked.

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