Coolest Mad Hatter DIY Costume

My Mad Hatter DIY costume is inspired by Tim Burton’s version of the Mad Hatter. I did not have time to take pictures in the process of my making the costume due to time constraints, but it was made completely from scratch.

I started by making the infamous hat which was made from poster board, cardboard, an old scarf, a 10/6 card, and some mock vintage hat pins. Next I created the fingerless gloves using some old plaid shorts. Then I made the arsenal of thread using black string, over 20 spools of thread, and an old black belt. I then proceeded to distress an old brown blazer I purchased at a thrift store, along with some olive green pants, an orange sock, and stripped blue sock, and some old boots.

Then I added the accessories, including hand-made thimbles, a mock push-pin ring, and my roommate’s yellow scarf. I concluded this look by painting my nails yellow, putting in green contact lenses, painting my face white, and putting on “mad hatter” make up.

This Mad Hatter DIY costume took approximately a month’s time of preparation and 12 hours to create. The most difficult part of this costume was… well, there’s a tie between the making of the hat and the make-up. All in all, I had a blast making this outfit and I received tons of compliments.

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  1. I Love this Outfit :) Its pretty Much exactly what i want to do, A homemade Mad Hatter costume; except i wanted to girl it up :)

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