Coolest Lord Zedd Costume

I decided to try and go as the #1 villian, Lord Zedd, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This Homemade Lord Zedd Costume took quite some time. I first started with a red morphsuit. I cut eye holes and a mouth hole out to see and breathe. Finding the right mask was going to be hard, but I modified a paintball mask, cut out the letter Z on construction paper, put black mesch in the mask, and finally spray painted it gray. I took a lot off of it, but also put more into it. I also puttied the holes in the mask to make it look more lifelike. I took witch fingers and painted them gray, since Zedd had long nails of some sort. I went and bought a huge letter Z and a flag pole. I drilled a line for the Z to stay in the pole, super glued it, and then painted it gray.

Presto, I had my infamous staff. Zedd had his brain always sticking out, so I put bubble wrap under the morphsuit to make a brain. I used women’s slip on shoes for his shoes, but I painted them gray. The hard part was going to be putting the skeleton outline on the morphsuit. I tried making it out of construction paper, didn’t work. I used gray cloth for the outline, and then had my wife sew it on/tape it on. It looked really cool. The underwear was the only hard part to keep on. The veins were another thing that looked tricky to do, but we used blue weed eater string for the veins.

All in all I loved working on this costume. A lot of people were in shock when they seen Lord Zedd walk in. Some people knew who I was, and others were like “the bad dude from Power Rangers.”

Homemade Lord Zedd Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Lord Zedd Costume”

  1. Did you have any trouble with cutting the eye holes in the murphy suit?
    Ive been thinking about doing the same to mine. but am worried it’ll ruin the suit. I.e, tearing, splitting etc.

  2. What I did was just cut a big piece out from my forehead to mouth to breathe. The mask covered my face, so it was still hard to see my face,


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