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Coolest Loffah Halloween Costume

I went with the Loofah Halloween costume this year. I, too, got the idea from Wendy on the Coolest Homemade costumes website. I pretty much made my costume the same way as everyone else on here did.

I didn’t actually use tulle though, I think what I bought was called netting [I’m not really familiar with the different fabric terms]. I also got a long tank top at Good Will because I didn’t want to ruin one of my own. And then some green thread and safety pins.

To actually make each section or “puff” I folded a longish piece of the netting in half and weaved the thread in and out and then scrunched it all together. After that I pinned it to the tank top with safety pins. I think it took four layers total. Oh and when I say “I”, I mean my mom…she ended up taking over making it for me.

I don’t remember the total price but I’m pretty sure it was under $15.

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  1. Just so you know, tulle and netting are not the same thing :) Tulle’s holes are much smaller and therefore much more movable whereas the holes in netting are much larger and the fabric is much stiffer.


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