Coolest Little Bride of Frankenstein

This Little Bride of Frankenstein was a “night before” Halloween costume with very little money to be spent!

First we filched an old twin sheet from my husband’s grandma…ok “filched” is a strong word, she knew we were taking it so I guess that isn’t filching. We soaked it in strong coffee for a couple of hours and then wrung it out and let it dry overnight. The next morning I made little cuts at the top and tore (not cut) half of the sheet into ragged strips of linen. The other half I left for her “gown” with a strip to belt around her waist.

I started with the strips, wrapping them close but not tight around her arms, starting at the elbow, going down around her hands (like you would wrap an injury) and then back up her arm, over and around her shoulders and chest until both arms and her torso was covered, but in such a way that she would still be able to move freely (you could use strong double sided tape in spots to hold the strips together).

I then folded the remaining side of the sheet in half and cut a hole for her head to fit through. We put her head through the hole and tied a strip of the linen around her waist to cinch it…we then “bloused” it out around the waist a little.

Now came the hard, but fun part, the make up. We just bought the cheap tubes of face paint ($.98 per tube) in the white and black and mixed them to get a nice “dead” gray (mix the colors a little at a time, it can go one way or the other really quickly).

While my sister mixed the 2 paints, I was busy ratting my daughter’s hair in very small sections (ratting/back-combing) and spraying with instant freeze hairspray. After teasing/ratting/back-combing all of her hair I used the instant freeze to touch it up and then covered her hair in black Halloween hair spray (another $1 or so in the Halloween section). I used white face paint on a strip of hair on either side of her head after the black hairspray dried.

For her make-up I just tried to remember what the bride of Frankenstein looked like and did her makeup accordingly, adding “stitches” with a cheap black eyeliner pencil! She won first place in every contest she entered (3 total)!

Cost: approx $5 for makeup and Halloween hairspray

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  1. I am in love with this for many reasons..I have all girls and it is so hard around Halloween to get every costume they want, so I usually end up making most of them..I seen this last year and I am going to attempt it this year! thanks so much for posting!!


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