The inspiration:

This life-sized homemade Icee Costume for a girl started with a blue wig that my daughter thought matched the color of the blue Icee drink. (She is a Katy Perry lover!)  It then evolved from there, to her wanting to be an Icee drink cup.  I saw some of the ideas from this site, and then went to work on our own version of the Too Cool Icee Girl.

The materials:

  • Large plastic serving bowl (I would have liked to have a larger one, but 16″ was the largest I could find in the domed, clear design.)
  • Wooden Quilting rings 18″ and 14″
  • black-out drapery fabric
  • felt by the yard in red and medium blue
  • felt squares in royal and white
  • fabric Squiggle paints in black, royal, medium blue and white
  • poster board
  • foam batting for the icee drink
  • blue hair spray to color the batting

The fabrication:

I happened across Icee Corporate, which was in the same industrial business building, where I bought the clear salad bowl, and was able to see the graphics up close and personal.  I made the fabric cup out of black-out drapery material, which gave the cup more body than cotton or a white sheet.  I used thick cotton cord batting to make the drink cup brim.  Wooden quilting rings support the top brim, and the lower rim of the cup.  I cut apart an actual cup to ge the basic shape of the cup, as it is curved to make the cone shape.  I took felt in royal, cadet blue, red and white to make the stripes, lettering, and the Iconic Icee Bear.  All the pieces were cut out and then pieced together to form the bear and the wording.

Once I had the cup design pieces cut out, I machine stitched them onto the drapery fabric.  I glued the lettering and some of the smaller pieces on the bear graphics with Fabric Tack Glue.  I added some personal details like 12oz. instead of 16, since my daughter is twelve years old, and she liked the “Too Cool” logo on the newer versions of the cups.

I lined the inside of the fabric cup with the poster board to give it rigidity and shape.  I attached the plastic “lid” with Velcro so she could get in and out of the costume.  Arm holes were cut on the sides so she could wear it!

The plastic bowl was cut out and I used cotton batting which I sprayed with blue hair spray paint, and then lined with plastic and taped to the inside of the bowl to look like blue Icee.

Although not the easiest costume to walk around in, it was a hit and school and in the neighborhood!