Coolest ICEE Costume

My son came up with this idea for a Homemade ICEE Costume 6 months ago, so I thought why not. Of course I started it the week before Halloween.

First we bought an ICEE so we had the cup to use as a pattern. I did free hand draw the entire costume on felt and then sewed on all the pieces. To keep the cup shape, I used hanger’s at the top and bottom of the costume. As for the actual ICEE itself, we used cotton stuffing and just stuffed it all around him. For the straw I used a pool noodle and hot glued ribbon around to make it look like a straw.

It does take a while to make, but it was so worth the smile on his face, and all the comments he got while trick or treating last night!

Homemade ICEE Costume

Homemade ICEE Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest ICEE Costume”

  1. This is an amazing costume – she makes it seem so easy. We don’t have ICEEs around here but have plenty of other cool cold drinks. I am impressed with the hangars being the basic shape.
    This ICRR Costume 3 gets my vote.


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