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Coolest Homemade Little Icee Halloween Costume

Here is my daughter’s coolest refreshing costume for this Halloween. We decided to create her this awesome homemade Little Icee Halloween costume when she would not stop asking from one on a hot day. So when we took her to go get one I got the idea and thought why not make here something we both enjoy… hope everyone will enjoy this homemade Little Icee Halloween costume as much as we did.

In order for us to create the Icee we used 1-blue spray-can, cotton, and glitter to have the effect of the tip of the Icee on the top of her head.

For the lid we used a punch bowl and once again cotton and glitter. The cup required 3 posterboards, red felt, and white felt with lots of glitter to give it that eye-popping effect. Her straw was made from left over felt along with the Icee sign it was created from leftover’s of glitter and felt.

Hope everyone enjoys this refreshing little Icee.
Thank you.

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  1. this Little ICEE Costume is amazing!!!!!!!! you did a very good job workning on it. i might be this for halloween. very good job!!!!!!! i love it :)


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