The Coolest ICEE and Polar Bear Couple Costume

We always get laughs when we wear this costume! It makes me happy to spread Halloween joy!

Get an ICEE cup and straw for your beverage holder. The costume is realatively simple. The cup is a large platic punch bowl with the base cut out. The cylinder of the cup is made from foam shipping material and glued to the lip of the bowl. The bear’s outfit consists of a mock long sleeve shirt, iron on “I”, teal sweatpants and slippers.

Measure the circumferance of the lip of the bowl and cut the foam an inch longer. Lay foam flat on ground and mask off panels and the ICEE logo. Spray paint, remove tape and use black marker to outline letters and panels. Make sure the lid of the cup fits your head or you may feel silly sitting in the ER! Spray sparkle paint on the inside of bowl and the follow up with blue or red spray paint. (you can be cherry or blueberry!)

Top off the costume wiht sparkle eyelashes for that frozen effect and polar bear face paint. It won first place in at The Cellar Door in  Frederick, MD!