Coolest Lego Warrior Costume

My six year old son is into mini Lego figures and Lego’s in general. Every year the kids decide what they’d like to be for Halloween and every year I get to design and make the costumes for them. this year he decided he’d like a Homemade Lego Warrior Costume.

It took me over 3 days to make this costume. First I had to frame it out of cardboard boxes. Then I used white poster board to cover the front of the costume up and to the legs too. I used masking tape as it was easier to paint over for the seams of the body. I then drew the picture from a mini lego onto the front of his body. The head was a little tricky. I used poster board to form the head and lots of tape then painted it yellow and drew the Lego face and eyes for him to look out of. His hands we just made them in shape of the Lego hand an he wore black gloves. This way he can still get his candy!!

I think the final project turned out decent and the look on his face was well worth the time spent on this costume!!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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