Coolest Lego Harry Potter Costume

I made this Homemade Lego Harry Potter Costume for my 7 year old. He LOVES legos and Harry Potter so I thought this would be an awesome costume. It turned out great and won a prize for most creative!

First off, you will need A LOT of cardboard (science fair boards). I used a thinner cardboard that I could fold for the head covered in tan construction paper and foam paper for the hair. The wand was a thin dowel rod.
So to get started…First measure the length of the legs (wide enough to wrap around the leg) and cut 3 lines -NOT all the way through, just enough so that it will bend- vertically in even sections. Fold it to make a rectangle and duct tape along the inside to hold it together. **NOTE- you might want to cut the knee from the leg so it can bend. He had a hard time walking and getting up stairs!) For the knee caps, cut a small piece of cardboard. Make another halfway cut about 1 1/2″ from the top and the bottom. Fold that and duct tape it to the center of the leg for a 3D look. Spray paint silver.

For the body cut out 2 rectangular shapes with a wider bottom. Then cut out 2 long rectangles with a place for the arm in the top for the sides. Again, run duct tape along all of the inside seams to hold it together. Spray paint silver.
The head is the easiest part. Roll up the thin cardboard paper (they have it at michaels craft store) and staple it together. Make sure it fits over the childs head. The cardboard will have little lines where it was folded but the construction paper will cover that. Cut out eyes and draw the face.

For the hair I just cut uneven pieces and just stapled them randomly. I used a silver spandex shirt for underneath.

Have fun and Good Luck!!

Homemade Lego Harry Potter Costume

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  1. What an awesome costume! You did a great job. I especially like how your son is holding his hands like a Lego character. I LOVE THIS COSTUME!


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