Coolest Lego Frankenstein Costume

We love Legos at our house. My son came up with the idea of being a Lego minifigure. After some research, and finding this website, I agreed to make it! He chose a Homemade Lego Frankenstein Costume. The body and legs are made out of cardboard, covered in brown paper. Head is made out of styrofoam rings and poster board, strengthened with small dowel pieces. Hands are carved from styrofoam cake shaped rounds. I found most pieces at a major craft store. Once the head was put together, I sprayed the whole head and hands with green spray paint. Hair is made from spray foam, and painted black. Body and face are handpainted based on the lego minifigure.

Homemade Lego Frankenstein Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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