Coolest Lego Couple DIY Costume

Inspired by the previous Lego minifigures group, we HAD to make our own Homemade Lego Couple DIY Costume! All together, the costumes were created in under a week, using a glue gun, cardboard, tape, spray paint, foam and poster board.

For the head, we didn’t find any measurements, so we traced a frying pan cover onto a sheet of foam, and braced it with duct tape, then we covered it with a sheet of poster board. We duct taped everything, and then covered it in brown wrapping paper. We used krylon spray paint to cover it. For he necks, we traced a larger pot cover, reinforced it with hockey tape, then painted.

We used a big cardboard box for the body, cut a slit, and taped it over (also with duct tape) then covered that in wrapping paper, and spray painted. We used a smaller box for the legs, taped together, then spray painted as well. Our hands were made out of foam, covered in hockey tape, and spray painted the same color as our heads.

For the decorations on the body, we mostly used color tape. We printed off a Lego logo, and taped to the back using double sided tape. The fireman used electrical (black) tape, we cut a walkie talkie and a badge out of poster board, and used yellow duct tape to make the stripes. The police used a yellow duct tape belt, white poster board for the zipper, and a posterboard badge and collar. The face was made of poster board, which we used a glue gun to attach, and fishnets for the mouth.

We went entirely by the pictures, not measuring anything. A week of cutting, taping, covering, gluing, and spray painting later, our costumes are done. We decided to be a Lego police man, and a Lego fireman. We did end up getting a honorary prize at a local Halloween contest.

Homemade Lego Couple DIY Costume

Homemade Lego Couple DIY Costume

Homemade Lego Couple DIY Costume

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