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Coolest Jurrasic Park Dinosaur Costume

This is my Jurrasic Park Dinosaur costume from Jurassic Park movie I made for my Son Joshua. I started with some black foam pad used for upholstery. I shaped the head first sculpting the contours and used yellow foam for the teeth and half a yellow plastic Easter egg for the eyes.

You can put your arm in the mouth and it is crushable and nothing sharp. The rest of the body was sculpted and glued at the seams with contact cement. The arms are just attached to the outside so he had no use of his arms. Inside there is a foam supports that would set on his shoulders. A section of the neck was cut out and black fiberglass screen was used to cover it.

You can see his face in some of the images when he is doing the roar. Inside the lower portion of the tail section was a battery speaker with a CD player looped with the Jurassic Park soundtrack and helped balance the body so it would not be so top heavy. I used a soldering iron to melt the texture into the foam and removed the tip for some of the wart looking detail.

The whole body was painted with green and brown tones for the skin. He would get in and out using the ‘C-section’ style through a seam in the front belly; hook and loop fastener was used to fasten in back in place. He wore black shirt and black face paint to mask his face.

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