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Cool Jack Skellington Homemade Halloween Costume

My daughter was having a difficult time choosing what/who she wanted to be this year. When she said Nightmare Before Christmas, I thought “Sally!” and she said “Heck no, I want to be Jack!”. I knew I could buy a Jack Skellington Costume, but since I was making my two other kiddo’s costume I might as well as well do hers too.

HEAD: I made it out of paper mache. I blew up a balloon, and layered the balloon, with about 4 + layers. Once it was finished, I drew on the face, cut out the holes, and made the eyebrows come out a little to give it that arched effect. I then covered it with fabric, placed sheer black fabric for the eyes and nose.

SUIT: I also made myself. Of course I could have maybe gotten a used suit… However I looked far and wide and no thrift store had one. So I made it Myself. Fabric cost about a good $3.00 a yard, I made the bat bow tie out foam, bought a large white button, and I bought the white turtle neck in the baby section at Wal-Mart… if you buy it in the older kids area a 5-6 turtle neck cost about $7-8 in the baby area $3.00 for a 5T its about the same size.

All together I think I spent no more than $20.00. Let her tell it, and she says she got the most compliments out of her brother and little sister. It’s always a competition. (Sigh)

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