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Coolest Homemade Zombie Costumes

Me and my cousin went as very macabre zombies this year and got the prize for best dressed! To make the darker looking blood, we mixed soya sauce, red paint, and a little bit of water. After ripping holes in our clothes with a stitch ripper, we painted the blood all over them. For the brighter red blood, we used store bought fake blood.

To make the wounds, first we applied a product called “spirit gum” although something just as sticky would work as well. Let it dry for a minute or two. Then we took thin pieces of tissue, rolled them up tight and stuck them to the spirit gum in the shape of a wound or bullet hole.

Then we applied liquid white craft glue. Smear it around with your finger to blend it in, on top of the tissue and onto the skin around. The goal is to try and flatten out the tissue a little and make it look like part of your skin. Let that dry for a few minutes. Then add some skin-tone make-up. We used a liquid form from a tube. Next add some red paint diluted with water. It works best to use your fingers instead of a brush. It also helps to make different shades. Also, we painted in the open part of the wound with black paint.

Once all that is done, you end up with very realistic Homemade Zombie Costumes! And don’t forget to add some more fake blood oozing from each wound and even your eyes!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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