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Coolest Homemade Zombie Bride Costume

I used MY wedding dress for this Homemade Zombie Bride Costume from my actual wedding (you can buy one at a thrift store for probably $25 or less). I bought fake bugs and worms and attached them to the dress and in my hair. Also, gathered some leaves from outside and attached those to dress and hair.

Put baby powder in my hair, so that it didn’t look shiny. Ratted my hair up messy. Applied white make-up, added some bruising under my eyes and on my cheek for decomposition. Added some fake blood (mixture of pancake syrup & red food coloring). Made sure to dig my nails into the ground for the dirt under the nails effect. “I had to climb out of the grave, y’know?!”

Final touch, stitched mouth, using black face crayon colored lips fully and added up and down lines to complete. If you get a dress at a thrift shop, maybe a good idea to get it a little dirty. I didn’t want to do that with my actual dress – but there’s always next year.

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