This Homemade Zombie Popping Out Of The Grave Costume took a lot of time to make, but was fairly cheap. I started with a large piece of cardboard that I cut a hole in the middle of. I made sure that I was able to fit in the hole and hot glued crumpled up cardboard around it. This was the base or “ground” part of the costume. I then spraypainted the base brown and hot glued plastic spiders and web pieces for effect. I then hot glued a fake lightwieght tombstone to the back corner of the base and attatched fake bats with coathanger wire. I then poked 4 holes in the base and added string suspenders, adjusting the length to fit comfortabley.

The rest of the costume required an oldfashioned shirt from Good will that I spraypainted gray. I then wrapped fake vines around my hips, underneath the base and wore gray tights. The hair was a massive teasing/ hairspray affair, and the makeup was carefully aplied to create the effect of dead flesh.

Everyone loved the costume. It also worked as a great table for my drinks that night!