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Coolest Homemade Zombie Bob Ross Costume

This Homemade Zombie Bob Ross Costume was for my husband and was very simple to put together. I just bought the right colored shirt and pants at the second hand store. I hacked it up with a steak knife, added some fake blood, and dirt stains using eye shadow and make up. The flash washed out most of it, but it looked older and “dustier” in person. I hot glued on fake bugs, ants, rats, and worms to make it look like he was still fresh from the grave.

The make-up was dollar store wound tattoos. They looked really good, it was such an easy way to get the gross rotting flesh look. I finished up his face with a mix of grey, green, white, and yellow makeup. We’ve had the Afro wig and fake gross teeth for years, the palette was just cut out cardboard with marker splotches to simulate the paint, and the brush my husband had in his work shop.

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