For starters, who doesn’t love Bob Ross? Everyone across multiple generations loves Bob Ross. He brought laughter and warmth into homes around the country and taught many how to paint happy trees.

The idea came to me after seeing someone dressed up as a Picasso painting on a canvas last year. I naturally tried to think of an artist to go with it and came up with Bob Ross. While my friend’s costume (the painting) was entirely handmade, my costume was a little trickier. Do you know how hard it can be to find a brown afro wig that fits a young woman’s small head? Equally as challenging was the beard and mustache I had to wear for 5 hours, which simply did NOT want to stay on my face. The men’s clothing I wore, however, was quite comfortable and I am now quite jealous of men and the comfort they are privy to each day.

It certainly wasn’t enough to create this costume and attend any ole’ Halloween party, we needed to attend the Chinatown block party in Honolulu, the largest block party in the state of Hawaii. After having at least 3,000 pictures taken of us and making it to the local PBS station where Mr. Ross got his big break, we figured we should give the costume contest a shot. Although we’re both introverts and were terrified of being on stage, we went out there and I painted her face. Turns out-we won best duo and best group! The prizes were small, but the cheers were loud and we had a lot of fun.

The best part of the entire costume, was that my painting could not hear anything anyone said including myself all night because the canvas was blocking her ears. I kept forgetting this and I’m pretty sure after three dozen times of saying, “What?” she decided to quit trying. After a certain point, I’m pretty sure she only heard about a quarter of what I said. This was evidenced by her telling me this.

Regardless of the contest I hope, at the very least, you enjoy a good laugh. Happy Halloween. :)