For Halloween two years ago I was Bob Ross! I bought an afro wig, mustache, beard, pallet and paints (which I applied as you would see on a real pallet). Then I simply went to the Goodwill, bought the outfit I saw him most commonly wearing and then put it all together. The best part of this costume was the total transformation I made. I am a reasonably decent looking female, so for my friends to see me as a hairy man was quite entertaining for all of us.

I did this costume a couple of years ago before Bob Ross returned to the spotlight, as I feel viral media and popular culture has done for him lately so it was more fun back then, but would still be cool today and is always funnier if a female does it. I had the best time in this costume and the people who knew who I was in the streets of San Francisco LOVED it  (sorry, I wanted to crop these but my program for cropping is frozen).