Last-Minute Halloween Couple Costume: Bob Ross and his Happy Little Tree

If you’re in your 30’s or 40’s, who didn’t grow up watching Bob Ross?!   I loved his voice, cheer and who didn’t wait in suspense watching Bob put a happy tree dead center of a landscape!!  He inspired me to tap into my artistic side as a youngster and also in college to pursue a career in art.  As a tribute to Bob Ross I created this Bob Ross and his Happy Little Tree costume.

  • Wooden easel is cardboard in 2 pieces top and bottom.  – Free!
  • Canvas and painter pallet is foam board. – $2.99!
  • Fall Leaf Garland – $3.99!
  • Afro and beard for my husband (who couldn’t grow a masterpiece like Bob)  – $30.00
  • Talented landscape painted by me – cost of a college education!!!

Cut a hole in the center of landscape with an exacto knife, glue cardboard easel to top and bottom of canvas and tape leaf garland around hole.

Happy Little Tree Smile – Free!

 Cutting the hole: The funniest part was cutting the hole for my head.  Trying to cut it to make it comfortable to fit my giant head!  Also walking in the door sideways was funny!