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Coolest Homemade Trash Man Costume

My son is only two years old, so I figured this would be my last chance to put him in something “cute”. In September I ran to the store and bought not one, but two costumes, a dog and a dragon. Well, my headstrong son refused to wear either one and was adamant(since August) he wanted to be a trash can.

So, with two days left before Halloween I figured he had one the battle and I needed to come up with a Homemade Trash Man Costume fast. I got a pop-up laundry hamper and spray painted it silver, then wrapped some light silver cloth over it and secured it with hot glue. Then I took some silver ribbon and created the “ribs” of the can and made holes for his arms. I found some misc items in the recycle bin and glued them on top, then found a recycling symbol on line and threw that on there as well so that no one would confuse him with a rocket or something.

He loved it and wore it all night. The best part was, when he would drop his candy because he just wasn’t sturdy enough to keep his plastic pumpkin straight, I would take it and put the pieces into one of the plastic grocery bags I had hot glued around him.

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