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Coolest Homemade Trash Can Halloween Costume Idea

This Halloween we were having a hard time finding a costume idea for my 8-year-old son that we were both happy with. I don’t like the scary ones and he feels he is getting a little old for the cute ones. So as we stared out the window we saw the recycle cans. As his teacher is into “being green”-we decided how about being a recycle trash can??! It will be an easy costume to make and it might give you extra points with your teacher.

So we bought a trash can and cut a hole in the top for his head, holes in the side for his arms and cut the bottom out. We zip tied the lid to the trash can so the lid wouldn’t fall off. We also took an old cloth belt of my husband’s and zip tied it across two sides of the trash can so the trash can could rest on our son’s shoulders. We taped bubble wrap on the inside bottom so when he walked it wouldn’t hurt his legs. The hole that we cut out on the top we glue gunned it to a snow hat. Made a sticker page on print shop with a recycle sign and wrote “recycle your kid”. He also added some recycle stickers that he had.

When waiting for friends he would hide inside and then jump out and yell BOO! He had lots of fun with his Homemade Trash Can Halloween Costume Idea!

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