Coolest Bag of Trash Child Halloween Costume

My 8-year-old daughter was playing in the rain one day, and came out of the garage wrapped in large black trash bags. I thought to myself “what a great costume for Halloween”…and the Homemade Bag of Trash Child Halloween Costume was created.

I bought a long sleeved black shirt at the goodwill for $2.50, saved our trash for a couple of weeks, and then hot glued the trash to the shirt. I found that using empty bread wrappers and other plastic wrappers made good “filling” for spots that were hard to cover with box items.

I took one large black trash bag and cut down the length to fit her. I then cut slits around the bottom to make it into a skirt. I pulled the ties in tight and tied a knot in the back, covering up a bit of the bottom of the trash and shirt.

I then put her hair in a messy ponytail – complete with pieces of trash weaved in – and added a bit of black and brown make-up to her face and she was ready to go! I also sprayed some red hair spray in her hair to add more depth.

Not only was this super cheap, easy, and used items we already had (think green!!), she received so many compliments and heard many times “I’ve never seen anything like that!!!”

Homemade Bag of Trash Child Halloween Costume

Homemade Bag of Trash Child Halloween Costume

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  1. Not only was it totally original…the girl is also full of good spirits…she broke her ankle recently (still in her cast in this picture!) and is going around trick or treating in full costume!!! Bravo

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