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Coolest Homemade Toy Story Group Halloween Costume Ideas

My friends and I were trying to come up with an idea for costumes. We wanted to make our own costumes and be creative. I’m a nanny, love kid movies, and Toy Story is one of my favorite movies. Put that all together and we decided to be the characters from Toy Story! Here are our homemade Toy Story group Halloween costume ideas:

Buzz Lightyear – Duct tape! Duct tape is one of the greatest inventions and helped me out with a lot of my costume. The wings were made from cardboard, paint, and colored duct tape. I even added glow sticks to the ends of the wings as warning lights. I painted the shirt and used duck tape for the stomach. I bought white gloves, which I painted, added poster board, duct tape, and a laser. The laser actually worked! That was a big hit! The moon boots were made from my winter boots. I didn’t want to buy shoes I would never wear again, so I used white fabric, hot glue, safety pins, and duct tape so that I wouldn’t harm the boots. After I wore the costume I was able to pull off the fabric and the boots were as good as new!

Woody – This costume was a bit easier. We started by cutting up some old jeans. We washed them to make them fray. We used a yellow tank top that we painted red plaid and hot glued two buttons on it, just like Woody’s plaid shirt. The vest was made from scratch. I used white fabric and hand sewed it to fit. Black felt was glued on with fabric glue to create the cow hide pattern. Spurs were added to the cowboy boots and a fake gun with holster were worn. To finish the look we made a draw string with a hook. When pulled Woody would say, “There’s a snake in my boot”.

Mrs. Potato Head – Sheets, glue, velcro, iron on hemming tape, poly-fill, and felt made up Mrs. Potato Head’s costume. She made all the face pieces out of felt. Each piece had velcro so that the pieces could be interchanged. The sheet was folded in half to create a liner to hold the poly-fill. The hemming tape was used to adhere the sack into a strapless dress. Then we all stuffed her! The back of the sack had a pocket to hold all the extra face pieces. People were able to grab new pieces and change Mrs. Potato Heads face, just like the toy! Another big hit!

Homemade Toy Story Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Toy Story Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Toy Story Group Halloween Costume Ideas

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  1. Could you go more indepth with how you made the buzz light year wings? I am interested in doing this costume and yours looks so cute!


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