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Coolest Homemade Toronto Zoo Bear Attack Halloween Costume Idea

Every year I make my own costumes because my mother and I like to attend costume contests and see who can take first place. One of us is almost always first, and the other usually comes in second. I spent a few weeks trying to figure out some good and gory ideas. I settled on an attack- just wasn’t sure of what I was attacked by at this point.

While walking around Wal-Mart looking at all the stuffed toys they had to offer, I had a hard time deciding which ones I’d be willing to purchase and destroy. Some were just too darn cute- I couldn’t bring myself to ruin them. I found this big stuffed bear and for only $14.00, I figured he would be the perfect assailant.

Next, I had to decide what I would be doing for the bear to have attacked me. As I walked by the clothing section I spotted an ugly CHEAP pair of green cargo pants and on the next rack I spotted the beige work shirt. To me the colours screamed Zookeeper and then my idea was born. I became a Bear keeper at the Toronto Zoo – who sadly was attacked by one of the bears.

After purchasing the pants, shirt, rubber boots, misc. accessories (spray adhesive- was very very important in the creation of my costume) and bear from Wal-Mart, I set out for a Halloween store for the gory accessories. There I purchased the latex ripped out neck and a bottle of blood. I couldn’t find a brain in any store I had looked at so I had to begin my next search online.

There, I found the brain, along with various types and consistencies of blood. The wig was purchased at a local Value Village. I got home that weekend and started putting my idea to work. I had to gut the poor bear and actually felt bad doing it. He was really heavy and since I had to wear him like a backpack for the next few days- I had to remove a bunch of his stuffing.

Once he was glued back together, I painted on some scary black eyebrows to rid him of the cute innocent bear look, and glued long black witch nails on his paws, added a pair of vampire teeth and as a finishing touch, covered him with glue and blood. This made him look quite ferocious.

Next I had to attach him to my shirt. With the help of a friend we situated the bear on my back and sprayed his entire body with spray adhesive. This stuff was super duper sticky and stinky. I actually had to wear a garbage bag under the shirt so that it wouldn’t go through and stick on my skin. Once the bear was stuck firmly into place- I had to sit up against the wall for about 30 mins to make sure he didn’t move. After he dried- I then sewed him into place for extra stability. I did not want to risk him falling off.

Once the bear and shirt were complete I cut open the bottom of the brain to adhere it to the wig and covered that in as much blood as possible. I cut open the shirt and pants in many areas to make it look as though the bear had clawed through my clothing during the attack. I painted these areas with some black paint and covered them in blood. The torn neck, eye rip and makeup were done right at the last minute before heading out. They were stuck to place with a ton of spirit gum, some more adhesive and makeup and blood were used to give it the final gory finish.

It took me about 2 weekends to complete my costume and cost me approximately $100 to make. The makeup took me just over an hour to do each time. The only bad things were- it was still a heavy costume and the bear made me very hot all night, my scars ended up sweating off by the end of the night- and the spirit gum gave me a bad allergic reaction and I broke out in a killer rash. I still have it.

Homemade Toronto Zoo Bear Attack Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Toronto Zoo Bear Attack Halloween Costume Idea

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